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Welcome to Air Mentor, owner and distributor of the Stafford "Senior Pilot Record and Logbook". This logbook has been a staple of pilots and flight crew since the early 1960's. Unique to the Stafford Logs is the capability of customization to virtually any type of flying and for any type of aircraft.
The Stafford has additional advantages over standard log books...compact (6 3/4 x 10 3/4), lighter (just 21 ounces)...easier to carry in your flight bag than the thicker, heavier styles!
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Tear-out Heading Order Page

Sample Column Heading Sticker Page

The first page of the Standard Logbook is the Tear-out ordering page, used to request special services and printed heading stickers to customize your logbook as needed. Circle the stickers needed and mail the page to the address on the form.

Instrument Instructing Stickers.

Column Supplement Headings Column Stickers Instrument Instructing

Sample Column Heading Sticker Page

Title Page

Taildragger Stickers.

Space to enter logbook number, grand total of last page, beginning total first page, total number of hours logged in this book, beginning date in this book, end date, total time period covered in this book in years, months and days.

Column Stickers Taildragger Title Page

Pilot Certificate and Rating Record Pages (2)

Medical Record Page

For your Identification, Photo, Place of Birth, Date a Certificate or Rating was applied for, Number Issued, Grade of Written Exam, Where it was taken, Total Pilot hours, Aircraft used for the flight, Flight test time, Location of Flight Test, Name of Examiner.

Columns for date of examination, class of medical certificate, authorized medical examiner, examiners serial number, date medical certificate expires, and a space for notes and comments.

Pilot Certificate and Rating Record Pages

Medical Records Page

Airline and Part 135 Six Month Checks, Instrument Proficiency and Biennial Flight Reviews Page

Type of Operation and Breakdown of Flight Time Into Desired Classifications Pages (69)

Date of flight check, location, aircraft make and model, maneuvers performed check pilot comment 1-5, check pilot type license and number, check pilot signature. At the bottom is an area for the FCC radio license record.

Twenty lines per page for 1380 entries. From left to right the columns are date, from, to, aircraft make and model, engine and H.P. or thrust, aircraft registration number, dist. flown, ground speed, duration of flight, simple SEL, complex SEL, twin MEL, three or more MEL, SES, MES, helicopter, sailplane and glider, blank, blank, actual IFR, hood instrument, ground trainer or simulator, night, cross country, dual, solo, instructing, second in command, pilot in command, remarks and endorsements.

Airline & Part 135 Six Month Checks Page

Type of Operation and Breakdown of Flight Time Into Desired Classifications Page

Aircraft Record Pages (4)

Memoranda Pages (5)

Section- 4 pages for 41 different aircraft, 17 columns across both pages for - Checked out in the following: Aircraft Manufacturer Year Model Name, Maximum Gross Weight, Empty Weight, Useful Load, Seating Capacity and Arrangement, Aircraft Configuration & Construction, Type Landing Gear and Method of Operation, Propeller Manufacturer Description & Operation, ENGINE Manufacturer and Model, H.P. or Thrust Number of Cylinders or Stages, Cylinder Arrangement or Flow Pattern, Fuel Capacity, Average Fuel Per Hr, Average Cruising T.A.S., License Category, Remarks for important or unusual facts about the aircraft or its flight characteristics.

Twenty three lines each for a total of 115 entries.

Aircraft Record Page

Memoranda Page

Alternative Black Stafford Log Book II (Same Log / Different Title)

This log was printed in 1980 by Stafford Aviation and was called “FLIGHT CREW LOG” which is a Stafford log that was slightly altered for military flight crews to log their flight time. The crew didn’t need to log pilot time, they only needed to log their special duties. It has the same pages as the “SENIOR PILOT FLIGHT RECORD AND LOG BOOK” except for replacement of the Airline and FAR 135 (etc.) page with the "Instrument Proficiency" page shown below. The Type of Operations pages headers at the top leave four columns blank in place of DUAL – SOLO – SECOND IN COMMAND – PILOT IN COMMAND.

Senior Pilot Record and Flight Crew Log Book

Flight Crew Log Book Operations Page

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