Stafford Senior Pilot Flight Record and Logbook

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Sold Internationally - The Log Book used by professional pilots for over 40 years..."An Aviation Standard"

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Airplanes, sport planes, ultra-lights, rotorcraft, seaplanes, gliders, jets and more! This is the famous logbook designed by Stafford Aviation and is still available as the favorite of professional pilots and sport pilots who fly many different types and categories of aircraft.
Available in four distinctive colors, bright red, grass green, sky blue, and now alternative black. When ordering specify which color you prefer. Original brown and black is out of print.
New Stock: Last printing 1990. Made in the USA.
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The Stafford's saw a need for a betterlog book as a successful FBO in Kansas City and as a husband and wife team who also operated an aircraft ferry service which included several hundred Atlantic crossings to Europe and Africa. They flew many different types of aircraft and rotorcraft needing a logbook that had provisions for all types of information so they could look through the log having specifications and records on all the aircraft they had flown.
With recommendations from the FAA, professional pilots, flight instructors and their own extensive experience, they began publishing the Senior Pilot Flight Record and Log Book. A pilot product...designed, produced and sold by a pilot.
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